Lacewings as beneficial insects in orchards: findings for plum and cherry treesin Lombardy (northern Italy)


Abstract: During faunal investigation of Neuropterida in two areas of Lombardy (northern Italy),i.e. Lomellina (province of Pavia) and Val Camonica (province of Brescia), the author alsoconducted field research in mixed-fruit family orchards (one orchard in each area) in which plumand cherry trees are present. More than twenty identified species of Neuroptera (Chrysopidae,Hemerobiidae, Coniopterygidae) were collected in all on these drupaceous trees. The mountainorchard in Val Camonica was found to be clearly richer in species than the lowland orchard inLomellina. The different eco-climatic, and especially the vegetational features of the two areasexplain the differences in number of species in lacewing populations of the two differentorchards.

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