Lifestyle of the date palm spider mite Oligonychus afrasiaticus McGregor (Acari: Trombidiformes: Tetranychidae) and response of Cydnoseius negevi Swirski and Amitai (Acari: Mesostigmata: Phytoseiidae) against webbing on leaves and fruits of date palm, Phoenix dactylifera L., in the laboratory


Abstract: The webbing of Oligonycchus afrasiaticus (McGregor) was studied on date palm leaves for the first time. It exhibits a complicated web lifestyle (CW). Also, it was observed that the length of the webbed roof increased as the number of individuals increased in the treatments. The generalist phytoseiid predator, Cydnoseius negevi (Swirskii and Amitai) wandered around the webbed roof and later, upon locating the pest mite, invaded through the silken threads of web by a swimming-like movement back and forth of leg I. The predatory mite spent significantly more time resting under the web and feeding under and out of the web of O. afrasiaticus compared to walking around or above the webbed roof. The results indicate that C. negevi has potential to be used as natural enemy of the date palm mite O. afrasiaticus.

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