Managing invasive species in the greenhouse and nursery: A comprehensive systems approach


Abstract: The greenhouse and nursery industries in California face a major challenge with respect to managing multiple invasive species. This has lead to the development of an online tool that provides information on best management practices for each pest. Ideally, this online tool also recognizes where there is redundancy and overlap; i.e.; where one intervention may impact multiple pests. To date, no biological control strategy has been approved for control of invasive pests that are of quarantine significance, so most of the options available to the grower are chemical. To further improve any strategy that is implemented, a systems approach based on a hazard analysis of critical control points has been proposed as a method for growers to develop production practices that are more resilient to invasive species. In practice, this can lead to a better understanding of all aspects of production. Finally, research is ongoing to improve overall plan health through better management and understanding of the rhizobiome that may make the system refractory for invasive species. Each of these will be discussed.

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