Mass production of ecologically competent Metarhizium anisopliae sporesfor pest management


Abstract: As new insect pests invade Europe (e.g. Diabrotica or the Siberian grasshopper) andarthropods, such as FSME- or Borrelia- infested ticks, are to be antagonised, the BIPESCO TeamInnsbruck focused its interest in the product development of fungal biocontrol agents, which canbe applied as foliar spray.The objective of our study was to compare simple solid state mass production systems forhigh yield Metarhizium anisopliae spore production. Methods and tools are syntonized to theused Metarhizium production strain BIPESCO 5. Mineral and organic carriers are compared insolid state fermenter systems to enable the production of improved high concentrate sporeformulations. First data on expanded open pored clay granules are presented, which preferentiallystimulates fungal sporulation and spore production after soaking in Sabouraud Dextrose medium.Grinding of the overgrown mineral carrier showed either no negative effect on the spore vitalityand efficacy, nor was the formulation contaminated with organic impurities.

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