Mass trapping for the control of the leopard moth


Abstract: In the last ten years, Zeuzera pyrina L. became widespread in walnut orchards inAlentejo (South Portugal), where inflicts severe damages by decreasing plant vigour and possiblyplant death. A field trial was carried out in a walnut orchard of (cv. Serr) in Alentejo (southPortugal) to assess an alternative control method to insecticides. The effectiveness of masstrapping method was evaluated. Periodical surveys allowed to ascertain that all tested masstrapping plots were effective and decreased significantly the percentage of infested plants ascompared to the untreated plot. In the first year the percentage of trees with infested trunks wasreduced by 41% in the plots with 5 traps and by 45% in the plot with 8 traps, compared with a33% increment of the infestation in the control plot. In the following year, the decrease reached92% in the plot with 5 traps, 84% in the plot with 8 traps and 74% in the control.

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