Mass trapping of Ceratitis capitata using attract and kill technique


Abstract: The mass trapping technique to control medfly, Ceratitis capitata, based on the use of the MagnetTM MED trap impregnated with ammonium bicarbonate was compared with the standard use of McPhail and delta traps both baited with trimedlure, in mixed citrus groves in central Iraq against during 2009-2010. The useof the MagnetTM MED trap reduced captures to 19.8 and 46.4 males/trap for the 1st and 2nd groves, respectively, compared to 112 males/trap in untreated plots. Fly captures in similar plots using the McPhail or delta trap for mass trapping showed that McPhail trap was significantly more efficient than delta trap. Fruit damage assessment at harvest showed that using the MagnetTM MED trap reduced fruits injury to 2-8% compared with 32% for the control. In comparison, using the McPhail or delta trap resulted in 17% or 19% infested fruits respectively. Thus, MagnetTM MED trap could be involved in the ongoing national control program as an appropriate and effective method for the control of medfly.

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