Mating disruption: does the number of dispensers per hectare matter to control the European grapevine moth?


Abstract: The European grapevine moth is one of the most damaging pests in vineyards.
Mating disruption is now widely used to control this species in various countries. The diversity of passive dispensers used in mating disruption is getting bigger with more and more innovative formats that will be less damaging for the environment. Thus, for an equivalent concentration of pheromone used per hectare, the number of dispensers used per hectare in a vineyard plot depends on the product and the manufacturer. The present study aims at determining whether the number of dispensers per hectare influences the control of Lobesia botrana. For this purpose, we compared efficacy trials of different mating disruption products using a various number of dispensers per hectare, in 9 countries over 5 years. The flight monitoring of the pest and the damages attributed to the pest in the different generations were assessed. Results will be discussed in this manuscript.

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