Monitoring and control of European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in California vineyards


Abstract: Commercially available and USDA APHIS L. botrana pheromone monitoring lures aswell as wine, vinegar and brown sugar bait were compared during the spring of 2010. AlphaScentsTM EGVM and Pherocon® EGVM (rubber septa lures) captured significantly more mothsin early spring, while the EGVM biolure® (membrane lure) caught significantly more mothsduring late spring. The USDA APHIS lures were no better than the commercial lures and allpheromone lures captured significantly more moths compared to the bait pan traps. Also in 2010,small plot insecticide efficacy trials were conducted against first generation larvae. All materialsevaluated provided good to excellent control of young larvae with abamectin and spinetoramproviding excellent control of mature larvae. In a large plot insecticide efficacy trial, oneapplication of methoxyfenozide gave significantly better control compared to three applicationsof Bacillus thuringiensis, one application of chlorantraniliprole or two applications of spinosad.

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