Monitoring stored product pests and natural enemies in food processing companies bytrapping and spatial analysis


Abstract: Stored products are affected by a wide variety of pests, which adapt their distributionto food sources and environmental conditions in the food industry facilities. Pests’ distribution isthe result of the interaction of many parameters, therefore it is important to know pests’ dynamicsand behavior to be able to monitor the pests and apply precise and adequate control methods. Inthis study we focus on the lepidopteran pests and their natural enemies found in a companyprocessing organic rice, cocoa, dried fruits and spices as raw materials, where no chemicaltreatments were applied. The aim of the present study is to create contour maps of thelepidopteran and natural enemies’ distribution by means of pheromone and light trap captures,and thus assess if a correspondence between pests and natural enemies’ distribution is feasible toevaluate over the maps. We sampled the existing natural enemies’ populations. Also, locatedinfestation origins and expansion patterns were followed through time and space with spatialanalysis. A relationship was established between natural enemies’ and pests capture levels andmovements.

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