Movento 100 SC – efficacy in the control of aphids on blackcurrant plantations in Poland


Abstract: Serious damages to the youngest leaves and shoots of black- and red currant are often caused by aphids (Aphididae). Nowadays the control of these pests in Poland is possible as several insecticides are registered and recommended to use in blackcurrant crop: thiachloprid (Calypso 480 SC) and pirimicarb (Pirimor 500 WG). For the past few years also the efficacy of new insecticide containing spirotetramat – Movento 100 SC was tested in the control of aphids occurring on blackcurrant crops. The insecticide Movento 100 SC applied at dose rates: 0.7 and 1.0 l/ha once after blossom showed a very high reduction of aphids (Aphididae – Hyperomyzus lactucae L. – Currant-sowthistle aphid) on blackcurrant. The results obtained with Movento 100 SC applied once at both tested dose rates: 0.7 and 1.0 l/ha were similar: 98.7-100% efficacy 21 days after one treatment. The efficacy of Movento 100 SC at 7 days after treatment was similar (in 2010) or slightly poorer (in 2011) compared to standard insecticides, but 21 days after treatment Movento 100 SC showed a higher (not always with statistically difference) reduction of aphids than standard insecticides such: Pirimor 500 WG (pirimicarb) at the rate 0.75 kg/ha (efficacy 100%, 14 days after treatment, and 70% at 3 weeks after treatment), Calypso 480 SC (thiachloprid) at the rate 0.15 l/ha (efficacy 91.3%, 15 days after treatment and 63.8% at 3 weeks after treatment) and Actara 25 WG (thiamethoxam) at the rate 0.1 kg/ha (98.5% and 90.2%, 15 and 21 days after treatment, respectively. (Actara 25 WG was withdrawn from the blackcurrant protection programme in Poland). It is important, that on plants treated with Movento 100 SC numerous (no statistical analysis applied) Coccinellidae (larvae and beetles) and larvae of Syrphidae were observed.

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