Natural parasitism of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) by native Aphelinidae(Hymenoptera) parasitoids in tomato greenhouses in Mersin, Turkey


Abstract: The survey study was conducted to determine the natural parasitism of Bemisia tabaciin tomato greenhouses in the Adanalıoğlu, Kazanlı and Kocahasanlı counties of Mersin in theperiod 2008-2010. Samples were collected from commercial tomato greenhouses in the springand autumn seasons. Most of the surveyed greenhouses (≥ 95%) were infested with B. tabaci.Overall, population densities of B. tabaci were higher in Adanalıoğlu and Kazanlı than inKocahasanlı. B. tabaci infestation rates were higher in autumn than in spring, in both years. Er.mundus was more abundant in autumn than in spring at all locations and Er. mundus was moreabundant than En. lutea. Parasitism rates of Er. mundus ranged from 12.3 to 37.1% throughoutthe survey.

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