New method and machinery for rapid detection of pests of grain seeds during a loading process of a new commodity into a store


Abstract: This is a preliminary report describing new method and machinery for rapid detection of pests of grain, rice and pulses during a loading process into a store. It is based on continuous sampling (i.e. vibration sieving) during commodity transport into a store.The results of field tests on sieving-detection efficacy for two Coleoptera species (Sitophilus oryzae, Cryptolestes ferrugineus) are presented. It was described the effect of the various amounts of the loaded commodity per time unite on the pest detection sensitivity. New approach enables to sample/sieve 100% of commodity; not just to sieve limited No. of samples. For density 0.5 pest/kg the detection (recovery) efficacy of the new method and technology ranged from 5.6% (S. oryzae) to 71.4% (C. ferrugineus) depending on pest-species and speed of commodity transport during sieving.

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