New records of spider mites for Serbia, the Balkans and Europe


Abstract: Eight spider mites species were recorded as new for Serbian acarofauna: Bryobiamacedonica Hatzinikolis and Panou and Bryobia querci Hatzinikolis and Panou, fromBryobiinae, and Eotetranychus prunicola Livshitz, Eotetranychus willamettei (McGregor),Oligonychus bicolor (Banks), Oligonychus brevipilosus (Zacher), Oligonychus platani(McGregor) and Tetranychus canadensis (McGregor), from Tetranychinae. These new dataraise the number of known tetranychid species in Serbia to 45. The records of O. bicolor, O.brevipilosus and T. canadensis are the first in the Balkans, while E. willamettei is found for thefirst time in Europe. A total of 21 plant species from seven families were recorded as hosts fornewly recorded spider mites, including 14 plant species marked as new hosts for sixtetranychids, and three plant species as new hosts for the family Tetranychidae. Plant familyRosaceae had the highest number of new hosts (7) and harbored the highest number of spidermite species (5). The species O. bicolor was found on eight host plants (from five families)including its five new hosts and one new host for the family Tetranychidae.

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