Notes on the genus Amblyseius Berlese (Acari: Phytoseiidae) of Turkey: taxonomical and biological aspects


Abstract: Countrywide surveys have been conducted to determine native Phytoseiidae (Acari:Mesostigmata) species in various habitats including natural and agro-ecosystems from 2008-2019 in Turkey. A comprehensive information about the Turkish Amblyseius Berlese (Acari:Phytoseiidae) species based on material collected during these surveys as well as previousrecords was also among the aims of study. A total of 13 Amblyseius species are present inTurkish fauna. Hence, in this study, collection details of the Amblyseius species are presentedsuch as distribution, locations, host plants and pest association. Amblyseius kadzhajaiGomelauri, A. meridionalis Berlese, A. nemorivagus Athias-Henriot and A. obtusus (Koch)were only found on moss or low-growing herbaceous plants. In contrast, A. andersoni (Chant),A. herbicolus (Chant) and A. swirskii Athias-Henriot were common in agricultural ecosystemsor higher plants. According to the results, a remarkable geographic isolation was observedamong these three species; A. andersoni is common in western Turkey while A. herbicolus andA. swirskii are reported only from North-East (Black Sea) and East-Mediterranean (Cukurova)regions, respectively. Amblyseius adjaricus Wainstein and Vartapetov and A. bryophilus Kargwere observed on few specimens collected from cultivated plants in Black Sea region.Therefore, the potential of these five predator species in control of plant feeding mites need tobe clarified for prospective biological control programs in Turkey.

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