Occurrence and distribution of Cecidophyopsis miteson different currant cultivars and species in Latvia


Abstract: Red and black currants are the second most important berry crops in Latvia. Amongcurrants, black currants cover the most important surfaces. From all currant cultivars grown inLatvia, five red currant and 10 black currant cultivars are widely cultivated. In Latvia,distribution and faunal studies of Cecidophyopsis gall mites started in 2008 and samples fromRibes plants (in cultivation and wild habitats) were collected from all parts of the country.Occurrence of gall mites was observed on Ribes plants coming from all inspected areas. In redcurrants, on 21 cultivars, gall mites were observed on 14 of them. In black currants from the 44investigated cultivars, mites were observed on 34 cultivars and on R. nigrum (black currantgroup) in some wild habitats. Gall mites were also observed on native Ribes alpinum andR. spicatum in wild habitats.

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