Occurrence of pathogens and nematodes of bark beetles (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)from coniferous forest in different region of Georgia


Abstract: The aim of this research was to identify pathogens and nematodes and establish theirdistribution in a variety of bark beetles species from different locations and different altitude.Various pathogen species and nematodes were observed. Gregarina typographi was present inI. typographus (9.2-24.7%) and I. sexdentatus (35.3 %) in high prevalence; Chytridiopsistypographi was found in I. typographus (3-6.7%) and in Tomicus piniperda (4.7%). Lowinfestations with Metschnikowia sp. (1-3%) Menzbieria sp. (1.8%) were detected inI. typographus only from one locality. Two species of parasitic nematodes was detected:Contortylenchus diplogaster (16.9-41.9%) occurred in the population of I. typographus,Contortylenchus pseudodiplogaster (21.2 %) in I. sexdentatus. Multiple infections were observedwith G. typographi and nematodes in combination.

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