Optimization of insecticide application timing in the control of olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae Gmel.


Abstract: The objective of this paper was to optimize timing of insecticide application using two infestation forecasting models in conditions of Montenegro seaside. Both models define an index of the gravity of infestation (Z), whose trend is correlated with the development of the infestation. Results show that the model based on monitoring of B. oleae flight dynamics using yellow sticky traps in conditions of Montenegro seaside is not acceptable. According to this model protection period begins in the second half of September when the infestation is far above economic control threshold. The second forecasting model, based on flight dynamics monitoring by pheromone traps is useful in determination of optimal timing for control of this pest. According to this model the period in which olive should be protected from the olive fly is from the middle of August to the middle of October.

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