Organic Raspberry Production in Serbia


Abstract: In Serbia, the first raspberry plantings maintained according to the organic production procedure were established in 1999. So far, the production has reached some 3,000 t/yr. This programme is promising, provided strict observance of regulations EC 2092/91, EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008 is performed. Organic production plantings are established in well-drained, loose soils containing high quantity organic matter. The incorporation of 20t/ha of manure into the soil is a regular cultivation practice. Considering the control of diseases and pests, the following control measures are applied: setting up plantings on suitable terrains, application of appropriate cultivation practices, healthy planting material, and application of sulphur and copper fungicides. The control and monitoring of pests was aided by the use of visual inspections (Rebell traps and Moerick vessels) and pheromone traps (monitoring of Resseliella theobaldi). The incidence of gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea is a major problem in seasons with high rainfall rates. Unfortunately, efficient biological fungicides on raspberry have not yet been registered.

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