Penthiopyrad (DPX-LEM17) 200 g/l SC and Penthiopyrad (DPX-LEM17) 200 g/l EC– novel carboxamide fungicides with low toxicity and low riskfor beneficial non-target arthropods


Abstract: Penthiopyrad (DPX-LEM17) is a novel carboxamide fungicide discovered and ownedby Mitsui Chemicals Inc., and being co-developed by DuPont. DuPont Penthiopyrad fungicidesare intended to be used for control of most foliar diseases of economical importance in arablecrops (e.g. cereals), vegetables (e.g. tomato, cucurbits) and pome fruits. The regulatory datapackage comprises worst-case Tier 1 laboratory studies, extended Tier 2 laboratory studies, andfield studies with the penthiopyrad formulations and the following test species: Typhlodromuspyri (and other mite species), Aphidius rhopalosiphi, Chrysoperla carnea and Orius laevigatus.Under worst-case Tier 1 laboratory conditions some negative effects were found on Typhlodromuspyri, but these observations were not confirmed under extended Tier 2 laboratoryconditions or in field trials in vine in Italy or apple in Germany. No negative effects were foundeven under worst-case Tier 1 or Tier 2 laboratory conditions and above the intended maximumuse rates of penthiopyrad for Aphidius rhopalosiphi, Chrysoperla carnea and Orius laevigatus.Low oral and contact toxicity was determined in laboratory testing with the honeybee, Apismellifera, indicating low risk for this important pollinator species. Overall, DuPont penthiopyradproducts (Penthiopyrad (DPX-LEM17) 200g/l SC and Penthiopyrad (DPX-LEM17) 200g/l EC)demonstrated to be selective towards numerous beneficial non-target arthropod and pollinatorspecies and therefore will be excellent tools for use in integrated pest management (IPM)programs.

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