Phenology and occurrence of spotted wing Drosophila in Germany and case studies for its control in berry crops


Abstract: Since Drosophila suzukii has been first recorded in Germany in 2011, the pest has rapidly spread out and is now found in most Federal States. In 2013 we observed an immense increase in numbers of individuals and positive sites. Peak numbers of SWD were caught from September onward, resulting particularly in infestation of blackberries and late raspberries. Due to the mild winter, SWD was continuously caught from autumn 2013 to spring 2014, especially in hedges, shrubberies, forest and forest borders, at many sites in high numbers. Monitoring traps in pine tree tops in the forest caught about twice as much SWD than traps at standard height at the same site. Soil emergence traps detected SWD only rarely. With regard to SWD control, neither mass trapping nor bait sprays (a.i. 0.125% thiacloprid and 5% protein bait), both combined with sanitation measures, reduced the infestation level when applied in 0.05 to 0.2 ha raspberry and blackberry plots.

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