Population dynamics and damage analysis of Cetonia aurata/Potosia cuprea in Croatian peach orchards


Abstract: During some of the last fifteen years in the coastal part of Croatia it was observed that scarab beetles from the subfamily Cetoniinae caused damage to ripening peaches. With further analysis it was shown that these species were Cetonia aurata and Potosia cuprea. In 2007 we monitored their appearance and population dynamics, and we calculated the damage they caused. This was done in two locations in Zadar, Ravni kotari region. The Csalomon® VARb3k traps with baits consisting of 100μl phenethyl alcohol+100μl methyl eugenol+100μl trans anethol were used. The total number of trapped beetles from the two locations was 569 Cetonia aurata and 200 Potosia cuprea. The damage percentage ranged from 0% up to 7%.

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