Position of Harmonia axyridis in aphidophagous guilds in the Czech Republic


Abstract: Harmonia axyridis was first recorded in the Czech Republic in 2006. Here we presentan analysis of its degree of dominance within aphidophagous guilds and of its association withparticular habitats in 2008. The dominance – affinity of different ladybird species towards thehabitats where they were found – was studied using Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA).The biplot shows a clear invasive pattern in the year studied. In the present study, H. axyridiswas one of the most abundant ladybirds, especially in trees and shrubs. Although it is too early tomake firm conclusions about the role that this ladybird has on the native communities, it isworrying that it became one of the most abundant species only three years after its establishmentin the Czech Republic.

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