Possible interaction of the phoretic mite Centrouropoda almerodai on the control ofRhynchophorus ferrugineus by entomopathogenic nematodes


Abstract: The phoretic mite species Centrouropoda almerodai is associated with the red palmweevil, using the insect to colonize new host-palms to complete its life-cycle. Entomopathogenicnematodes are successfully used to control the red palm weevil, but the possible interactionbetween C. almerodai and entomopathogenic nematodes is unknown. In this study the predationby C. almerodai adult mites on the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae wasevaluated. A low number of infective juveniles was recorded when the nematodes were exposedto C. almerodai, confirming that the mite species feeds on S. carpocapsae.

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