Potential for integrated control of the wheat pathogen, Stagonospora nodorum, by Folicur and extracellular compounds produced by isolate FS-94 of Fusarium sambucinum


Abstract: The biocontrol isolate FS-94 (Fusarium sambucinum) secretes elicitors of plant defenses that prevent formation of lesions on wheat leaves by the fungal pathogen, Stagonospora nodorum. In vitro experiments show that FS-94 also secretes substances that enhance and prolong efficacy of a fungicide, FolicurĀ® (tebuconazole), against S. nodorum. We describe some plant defenses elicited and that the protective effect of FS-94 secretion functions under field conditions. Integrated wheat protection against S. nodorum by co-application of F-94 secretions and Folicur is discussed.

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