Prediction of transcriptional regulatory elements for systemic resistance induced by a plant growth promoting fungusPenicillium simplicissimum GP17-2 based on microarray data


Abstract: The plant growth promoting fungus (PGPF) Penicillium simplicissimum GP17-2induces systemic resistance against fungal and bacterial pathogens. The induced systemicresistance (ISR) signalling involves multiple plant hormone mediated paths, including salicylicacid, jasmonic acid, and ethylene. In this study, we investigated the signal transduction of GP17-2-mediated ISR by microarray and comprehensive cis-regulatory elements prediction. Theprediction provided the candidates of various putative ISR and also plant hormone-responsiveelements. Signalling cross-talk among GP17-2 and plant hormone responses including salicylicacid, hydrogen peroxide and abscisic acid were detected by comparative microarray analysis andcis-regulatory elements prediction. These results provide that new knowledge of transcriptionalnetwork of GP17-2-mediated ISR and plant hormone signalling.

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