Provision of ecological infrastructures to increase pollinatorsand other beneficial organisms in rainfed crops in Central Spain


Abstract: In sustainable intensive agriculture, the biodiversity of monoculture fields can beincreased by managing the field margins to provide ecological infrastructures that serve asrefuges and resources for beneficial organisms (pollinators and natural enemies). In the presentwork we summarize two years of field trials following the goal to increase biodiversity ofbeneficial fauna in a barley field in Central Spain by sowing different herbaceous mixtures in thefield margins. The presence of arthropods visiting flowers on plots sown with different types ofseed mixtures and unsown natural flora (control plot) was compared by visual sampling everyweek between April and June. The results showed that a combination of herbaceous big-sizeseeds was the most successful mixture emerging under our experimental conditions and achieveda higher number of visits of beneficial arthropods than the unsown natural vegetation.

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