Real time pest modeling through the World Wide Web: decision making from theory to praxis


Abstract: In this work we present the way in which information technology can be used to support Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In particular we have developed simple handling software that crawls through the www and performs weather data mining and storage. In a second stage we extend the already developed software and develop a forecasting system to perform real time pest forecast through the www. At the current stage of development the system performs trial predictions for three fruit orchard key pests in 100 distinct geographical regions distributed all over Greece. The software and the related forecast system can virtually extend its functionality for any pest of interest given its species specific temperature thresholds for development. Functionality of the data mining software can potentially extend and mine open weather data at any location globally through the www and further stores them for any use (i.e. crop, pest and disease modeling and forecasting, precise farming etc.). The system was launched on January 2012 and its prediction performance passes currently an evaluation phase.

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