Recovery and exploitation of a cork oak forest covered by fire


Abstract: In Sardinia, the fire problem has historically been the main factor of oak forestdegradation, particular for cork oak forests. Large cork areas crossed by fire are always in a badvegetative state, subject to phenomena of decline accompanied by attacks of pathogenic fungiand insects, without any form of forest management and economically idle. This paper describesa method of recovery of a cork oak forest of about three hectares burned in summer 1993, that’sto say one year after last extraction. The intervention of recovery was conducted in two differentphases, one in spring 1994, the other during the following autumn, mainly with the clear cuttingof damaged trees. The sprouts obtained were then selected, subject to pruning, recordingregularly the growth in diameter and height. The results show the possibility to obtain in shorttime, the full economic and environmental recovery of cork oak forests damaged by fire alsocontributing to improved plant forests of Sardinia.

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