Refining the blend: optimization of a multispecies pheromone formulation to control apple orchard tortricids in Southern Sweden


Abstract: Mating disruption is a widely utilized method for the control of tortricid pests in apple orchards. However, the occurrence of a complex of species with potential to damage the fruit may frustrate the intended insecticide use reduction. From 2012 we have cooperated with Swedish apple stakeholders and a commercial company to develop and test a multispecies mating disruption system covering the most damaging tortricids in Swedish orchards. During the first two years of the project, the multicomponent blend, although promising for the control of the majority of the target species including Cydia pomonella and Archips podana, did not provide a complete population control for the eye spotted budworm Spilonota ocellana. Newly prepared blends including varying proportion (low, middle and high) of a secondary component of this species were tested in the field during 2014. The highest rate of trap inhibition as well as the lowest larval damage was observed when the secondary component was added to the blend at the higher concentration with no differences between medium and low concentrations.

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