Relationships between the polyphagous Orgyia trigotephras (Lepidoptera,Lymantriidae) larvae, a cork oak pest, and its host plants in Tunisia


Abstract: Orgyia trigotephras is one of the main defoliator insects of shrubs in Tunisian corkoak forests. This work aims to study the interaction between the pest larvae and their host plants.A choice test was conducted on five bush species (Quercus coccifera, Erica multiflora, Ericaarborea, Pistacia lentiscus and Cistus crispus) defoliated by the pest larvae and three otherundefoliated species (Phillyrea media, Daphne gnidium et Myrtus communis). Total polyphenols,flavonoids and flavonols from three types of leaves (non-attacked old leaves, attacked old leavesand newly flushed foliage) of each bush species were determined. No differences have beenevidenced between the three types of leaves. However, significant differences appeared betweenthe different bush species.

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