Screening products for control of Drosophila suzukii in the UK


Abstract: The first recording of Drosophila suzukii in the UK occurred in the south of England in 2012. Since then sticky traps have continued to record the presence of individuals. Several products (both chemical and biological) were investigated for their efficacy against different life-stages of the pest. Both direct and indirect exposure to control products was assessed. Spinosad along with chlorantraniliprole and an experimental product (coded: TA2674) showed excellent potential as control agents when used as either a pre or post-dipping treatment with mortalities of 100, 93 and 98% mortality, respectively, being achieved. Direct spray application of all products tested had limited impact upon adult flies. Highest mortality (68%) was achieved following direct application of TA2674. Entomopathogenic agents (nematodes and fungi) tested appeared to reduce fly population development (ranges of 34-44% mortality obtained) but would seem unable to eradicate outbreaks. The potential of the products to control D. suzukii is discussed.

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