Seasonal dynamics of the vertical distribution of arthropods in a wheat field


Abstract: We conducted regular collections of arthropods from three vertically separated levelsof grassy vegetation (upper, middle, low) during a growing season. For each level differentsampling methods were used. Entomological nets allowed capturing of arthropods from theapical parts of plants. Collection of arthropod communities from the middle level was performedwith special plastic containers. For the capture of arthropods active in the lower grassy level weused pitfall traps. Species composition and number of insects in each of the levels changed duringthe growing season. In the middle and upper levels an increase in the total number of arthropodswas noticed which was probably associated with an increase in the size of the plants and thedevelopment of generative organs. At the low level the total number of arthropods collected didnot significantly change during the season.

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