Selection of Pichia onychis isolate for biological control of Botrytis cinereabased on its eco-physiological characteristics


Abstract: The effect of physiological parameters on growth, adherence to leaflets surface,tolerance to UV radiation and biocontrol of indigenous antagonist yeasts Pichia onychis (Lv027,Lv031. Lv297, Lv298, Lv299), Pichia anomala (Lv050) and Candida oleophila (Lv314) wasstudied. All isolates showed higher growth in culture media with acid pH (3 to 6) than the growthin basic pH conditions (≥ 8). All P. onychis isolates exhibited high tolerance stress conditions.Isolates Lv297 and Lv314 presented high adherence to foliar surface and isolates Lv297 andLv050 gave effective control of B. cinerea. The fact that P. onychis Lv027 is effective biocontrolagent and tolerate a wide range of growth and stress conditions makes it an excellent candidatefor production and field evaluation.

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