Semantics and emergent web-3 technologies: modern challenges for Integrated Fruit Production systems towards internationalization


Abstract: Worldwide crop systems are increasing their use of integrated production systems in response to consumer preferences and environmental imperatives. However, although several guidelines have been established and adopted by public or private cooperatives, certification organizations and authorities have seldom access to data and information in order to evaluate Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) and Integrated Pest Management systems at the farm level and over large areas. In most cases IFP related information is either not shared, or is exposed in non exploitable formats. In this context the scope of the current work is to popularize the emergent web-3 semantic technologies and to provide practical means to link IFP and IPM databases in a universal-international form. An IFP classification scheme – ontology architecture is proposed to describe the functional units of typical IFP systems. Several kinds of data (i.e. cultivation varieties, productivity, energy influxes, landscape properties), between arbitrary things (i.e. Certification authorities, cooperatives) are described and interlinked by resource description frameworks (RDF’s) using ontology web language (OWL). In particular, by virtue of integrating facts from several datasets (cultivation type, productivity, pesticides applications) integrated crop production systems can be evaluated on a real basis.

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