Side effect of selected insecticides on Aphidius colemani, Amblyseius cucumeris and Neoseiulus cucumeris as model species of natural enemies


Abstract: Side-effects of selected insecticides on model species of natural enemies, Aphidius colemani, Aphidoletes aphidimyza and Neoseiulus cucumeris were tested in laboratory conditions. Methoxyfenozide (Integro), indoxacarb (Steward 30 WG), pyridaben (Sanmite 20 WP), acetamiprid (Mospilan 20 SP), azadirachtin A (NeemAzal T/S) and spinosad (Spintor 480 SC) were tested against adults of A. colemani and larvae of A. aphidimyza. Propargite (Omite 570 EW) and Cyperkill 25 EC (cypermethrin) were also tested against adults of N. cucumeris. Mortality of tested species after 24 or 48 hours of exposure to residues of insecticides was evaluated. For insecticides with a low toxic effect, the effect on fecundity of A. colemani was tested. Methoxyfenozide had low toxic effect on all three insect species, causing mortality after 24 hours from 4.6% to 29.8%. Similarly, indoxacarb caused mortality after 24 hours from 11.1% to 25%. However, higher mortality of A. colemani was found after 48 hours of exposure to residues of methoxyfenozide and indoxacarb. Acetamiprid was highly toxic to A. colemani (100% mortality), medium toxic to A. aphidimyza (48.1% mortality) and no effect was found to N. cucumeris (2.3% mortality). Similar results were obtained with NeemAzal T/S. However, low toxicity to A. colemani was found when pure azadirachtin A was tested instead of formulated product NeemAzal T/S. In general, N. cucumeris exhibited the lowest sensitivity to all the insecticides. In contrast to this, A. colemani was highly sensitive to most of the insecticides.

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