Side effects of orange-oil extract PREV-AM on beneficial agents


Abstract: Many essential oils have a long tradition of use against pest arthropods andpathogens in many cultivations as well as protection of stored products. The application ofessential oils has an effect on the behaviour, growth and development of arthropods, withlethal results, and therefore they are widely used in agriculture. Nowadays, they have beenrecognized as an important natural source of pesticides, also due to their main advantages ofthe low mammalian toxicity and environmental persistence. However, studies concerning theability of these products to be part of an IPM cultivation are hardly known. In this studyPREV-AM, with orange oil as an active substance, was tested on existing populations ofpredatory mites and predatory and parasitoid insects on sweet pepper plants. The productshowed harmless or slightly toxic results, according to the IOBC classification.

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