Slug control using Metaldehyde under modern ecotechnological aspects


Abstract: For many years Metaldehyde based products have been successfully used for thecontrol of slugs and snails throughout Europe and beyond. Metaldehyde is particularly suited forintegrated mollusc control programs and has therefore gained widespread usage in arable andhorticultural crop situations. As with any pesticides, the form of delivery of the active ingredientin the product formulation can become the decisive factor not only for the potential of biologicalcontrol but also for any unwanted side effects. For example, recent findings of Metaldehyderesidues in raw water sources in the United Kingdom have raised concerns about the future ofthis active substance. Leading bait manufacturer frunol delicia has developed new bait formulasusing a novel manufacturing process allowing to significantly reduce the concentration ofMetaldehyde in the bait formula and the application rate per hectare. Following ten years of fieldexperience, the eco-balance, in terms of reduction of both the active ingredient consumed and thecarbon dioxide produced, confirms a viable way of how solutions in bait manufacturing can helpto maintain Metaldehyde as an integrative active ingredient for reliable and eco-friendly slugcontrol even in future years.

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