Softpest: a website on the usage of pesticides & biocontrol agents in soft fruits


Abstract: The usage of plant protection products and biocontrol agents in soft fruit production has always been an important subject for the IOBC/WPRS Working Group “Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops” Study Group “Soft Fruits”. The usage of pesticides and biological control methods varies considerably between countries and it is very difficult to get a good overview on the range of products that are applied or in development in soft fruits. In order to share and facilitate the flow of information, the Study Group “Soft Fruit” initiated a survey on the availability and usage of active ingredients and biocontrol agents in the different European countries in 2007. First, the most important pests and diseases in strawberry and raspberry production were identified. Then members of the different countries listed available products on the domestic market and indicated their usage in the field. So far 15 countries have contributed to the survey. The received data are accessible on the website

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