Staphylinids (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in genetically modified maize ecosystems: species densities and trophic interactions


Abstract: In this paper we present results on rove beetles (species, guilds, densities) from a threeyearfield experiment conducted in Hungary with Bt maize (MON810, Cry1Ab) and itscorresponding near isogenic variety. According to our results there were no significantdifferences in density for species belonging to the non-aphidophagous predator and parasitoidguilds; however the aphidophagous guild showed differences between the two maize varieties insome years. The abundance of aphidophagous staphylinids did not correlate with the total annualand monthly Rhopalosiphum padi density (its prey) in the same year but higher aphid density inone year may have influenced the larval development of rove beetles in that year influencingbeetle densities in the following year.

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