Stored-product insects and their natural enemies in Germany: a species-inventory


Abstract: Native natural enemies are preferred for biological control, because they are not expected to negatively affect non-target organisms. In this publication, a recently compiled stored-product insect checklist for Germany is discussed in the context of insect ecology and biological control. The 213 insect species found to be associated with stored products in Germany were classified according to their feeding habits. About 16% of all species were found to be primary stored product pests. The most species-rich groups are secondary stored product pests and mould feeders with 28% and 29% of all species, respectively. The beneficials (9.1%) comprise 11 species of parasitoids (5.3%) and 8 species of predators (3.8%) which are listed. Changes in species composition and distribution range were discussed for selected species and the impact for stored products protection and biological control were discussed.

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