Study of the microbial populations on vineyards


Abstract: Vitis vinifera has a naturally complex microbial community including fungi, bacteria,phytoplasma and viruses. A wide variety of phytopathogenic and beneficial microorganisms cohabitswith grapevine and interacts with each other. Such interactions occur both at the vineyardand during the wine fermentations and the study of the structure and the dynamics of thesemicrobial communities have been neglected over the last years. Moreover, it is important to notethat the presence of specific microbial community will influence the wine production and quality.In this study, we investigated the composition of the natural grapevine microbiome from TintaRoriz variety during the vegetative cycle, using a biodiversity based metagenomics’ approach.A high diversity of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic population was uncovered. Interestingly,grapevine displays a major occurrence of the eukaryotic Aureobasidium and the prokaryoticEnterobacteriaceae. Our results expose a high and dynamic biodiversity during the grapevinevegetative cycle.

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