Successes with area-wide mating disruption: Moving from crisis management to sustainable pheromone-based pest management


Abstract: Forty years have past since the first publication demonstrating the potential of deploying sex pheromones for insect pest control (Gaston et al., 1967). The first mating disruption product for control of an insect pest Pectinophora gossypiella was registered by the US EPA in 1978. More than 30 years later, mating disruption is now used worldwide to control many insect pests in agriculture and forestry. Decisions by end-users to deploy mating disruption have often been precipitated by the onset of a crisis, for example, the loss of control of key pests due to insecticide resistance, outbreaks of secondary pests due to the overuse of insecticides to control key pests, regulations restricting or banning insecticides and outbreaks of invasive species. The incorporation of area-wide mating disruption into pest management systems has been instrumental in the resolution of these crises.

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