Survey of host plants and natural enemies of Drosophila suzukii in an areaof strawberry production in Catalonia (northeast Spain)


Abstract: A new invasive pest, the fly Drosophila suzukii, is threatening several fruit crops inEurope. This pest is native to Asia and was first recorded in Europe in 2008. The firstdocumented damage in our area occurred in 2011, mainly affecting cherries and strawberries. Inthis study, we aimed to determine which cultivated and non-cultivated plants host D. suzukii in anarea in which heavy infestations on protected strawberry crops have occurred. Strawberries,raspberries, Arbutus unedo and Solanum luteum have been infested with D. suzukii. To ourknowledge, the last two species had not previously been described as hosts of this fly. Evidencesof the presence of the pest in unripe fruits were recorded. Some potential biological controlagents in the local area were also identified. Four Hemiptera predator species were found ininfested fruit samples: Orius laevigatus, Cardiastethus nazarenus, C. fasciventris and Dicyphustamaninii. Further research is needed in the role of these natural enemies in the control of thispest.

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