Surveying the leaf arthropod community in Médoc vineyardsunder mating disruption against the European grapevine moth


Abstract: Mating disruption (MD) is a well known efficient technical crop protection againstgrape berry moths used allover European vineyards. The method is specific and requiresobservations of non target pests like microscopic arthropods under the foliage. In 2010, a skilltransfer between INRA and an agricultural supplier started in Medoc AOC region near Bordeaux.Three fauna monitoring occurred during the growing season: flowering, bunch closure andmaturity. Biodiversity was always important in the monitored vineyards, and this concerned bothbeneficials and pests. Typhlodroms were the most represented in the leaf communities. Thehistory of MD did not seem to influence the biodiversity observed, and we found no clear effectof weed cover occurrence. We report the others species which were counted by our methodology.

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