Susceptibility of the noxious social insect Tapinoma sessile (Say) to infectionby entomopathogenic nematodes


Abstract: The susceptibility of the house ant, Tapinoma sessile, to entomopathogenic nematodes(EPN) and their reproduction in this host was investigated. Mortality of ants by EPN nematodesafter 24 h exposure to S. feltiae was 21% and 28% to S. carpocapsae. After 48 h exposure themortality caused by S. feltiae achieved 43%, that of S. carpocapsae 52%. Mortality of insectscaused by S. feltiae after 72 h exposure was 61% and 72% for S. carpocapsae. The reproductivepotential of S. feltiae on the house ant, Tapinoma sessile, on the first, second and third day was1500, 2000 and 2500. For S. carpocapsae it was 2800, 3300 and 1800. The reproduction ofS. feltiae on the fourth, fifth, and sixth day was much higher (3000, 3200 and 3500, accordingly)and for S. carpocapsae – 2200, 3700 and 4000. On the seventh day the reproductive potential forS. carpocapsae made 4200 more than S. feltiae (3800).

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