Technology transfer and capacity building in biotechnology and biosafety for a sustainable and intensified agriculture in Africa


Abstract: The IPBO (International Plant Biotechnology Outreach) promotes access to scientific and technological innovations as ways of enhancing food security and promoting a sustainable intensification of agriculture in Africa. Innovations in biotechnology hold massive opportunities for developing a more sustainable agriculture. However, converting these opportunities into practice in emerging economies requires a concerted effort in training in – and access to – the latest technological developments and the design of effective biosafety and regulatory mechanisms.IPBO, founded by Prof. Marc Van Montagu in 2000, is an active cell within VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology), Belgium. Its mission is threefold: (1) improve understanding and create awareness about the importance of green biotechnology applications for sustainable development (communication), (2) empower plant biotechnologists and plant breeders from developing countries and emerging economies through training and capacity building in plant biotechnology and biosafety (training), and (3) act as a focal platform for green biotechnology in Europe and leverage outreach to developing countries and emerging economies (networking).

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