Testing the efficacy of different substances with a potential molluscicidal effectunder laboratory conditions


Abstract: We studied in 2008 and 2009 under laboratory conditions a molluscicide activity of 26substances in 89 different treatments. Experiments, in which slugs (Arion spp.) were comprised,took place in two series, namely with injection of active substance in slug intestine andapplication of pellets. After conducting the injection we observed 100% mortality of slugs intreatments with bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (0.25ml in 10% concentration/individual), caffeine (0.25ml in 10% concentration/individual), sodium dodecyl sulphate (0.25mlin 10% concentration/individual, 0.125ml in 10% concentration/individual, (0.125ml in 5%concentration/individual, 0.0625ml in 10% concentration/individual) and pirimicarb (0.25ml in10% concentration/individual, 0.125ml in 10% concentration/individual, 0.125ml in 5%concentration/individual, (0.0625ml in 10% concentration/individual). Meanwhile application ofpellets gave the highest (100%) slug mortality when sodium dodecyl sulphate in 0.5%concentration with caraway as a supplement was used.

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