The arrival of Tuta absoluta in Portugal – Pest management on tomato production has to change


Abstract: The South America tomato moth Tuta absoluta (Polvony, 1994) (Lepidoptera:Gelechiidae) has been in Northern Portugal since September 2009. T. absoluta’s main host istomato, Lycopersicum esculentum, and this pest attacks, feeds and develops on all plant partsabove ground, including fruits. The damage occurs throughout the entire growing cycle of thetomato plant; the potential damage could lead up to 100% yield loss; the biological cycle iscompleted in 29–38 days, depending on environmental conditions. Different combinations ofmethods have been proposed to control this pest in Europe – this includes the release of miridsMacrolophus and Neisidiocoris, the release of Trichogramma achaeae and also spraying withBacillus thuringiensis in addition to authorized insecticides.

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