The big bud mite Cecidophyopsis ribis (Westw.) as a pestof blackcurrant and the possibility of its control in Poland


Abstract: The blackcurrant gall mite Cecidophyopsis ribis is a very dangerous pest ofblackcurrant in Europe. It is a key pest in Poland, where blackcurrant is one of the mostimportant crops. The big bud mite may infest nearly all commonly grown cultivars and causedamage to numerous buds on plants. On some plantations even more than 50% of the buds maybe inhabited.Within the last few years, two acaricides efficient against C. ribis: endosulfan and amitrazwere withdrawn and cannot be used anymore in blackcurrant protection programmes. This is themain reason why new acaricides able to control this pest have to be found. In the last two years,we investigated the efficacy of sulphur and two acaricides registered against the twospottedspider mite Tetranychus urticae on blackcurrants – fenpiroxymate (Ortus 05 SC) and propargite(Omite 570 EW). In the field-laboratory tests, sulphur and fenpiroxymate reduced the number ofmites. The efficacy of sulphur was higher. Observations in the field showed that sulphur usedonce before blooming reduced the number of affected buds to the level of 40-50%. Theexperiments are ongoing and we are also looking for some new chemicals to control C. ribis.

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