The biology, life table and predation of Scolothrips longicornisfed on Tetranychus urticae eggs


Abstract: Biology, life table parameters and predation rate of the predatory thrips, Scolothripslongicornis Priesner fed on eggs of Tetranychus urticae Koch on bean leaves were studied at26±1ºC, 60±10% RH and a photoperiod of 16L: 8D h. The following average parameters wereobtained. Female longevity is 20.71 days, fecundity is 3.66 eggs/female/ day, egg mortality is12%, pre-oviposition period is 1.65 days, oviposition period is 15.61 days, post-ovipositionperiod is 3.90 days, total immature development time is 13.55 days and sex ratio is 67%. Lifetable parameters were estimated as net reproductive rate (R0) 31.09, intrinsic rate of naturalincrease (rm) 0.201 day-1, finite rate of increase (λ) 1.22, mean generation time (T) 17.04 daysand doubling time (DT) 3.44 days. Thus it is concluded that S. longicornis can be considered as avaluable addition to the existing IPM methods for spider mites control.

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